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Crafting Videos

Here you’ll find recipes, tips, and more to crafting your way into the Minecraft world of items. You can craft anything from weapons to armor, tools to food, and potions to blocks. Using crafting recipes can be tough on Minecraft: Pocket Edition, but we hope you will learn which items craft which recipes. This it the trick to playing on Survival Mode on MCPE.

Video #1 : All Crafting Recipes

(Updated for latest version of Minecraft)

In this video, you’ll be able to view all of the amazing crafting recipes there are. This will be extremely helpful when choosing which items to save and which to get rid of.


Video #2: Pocket Edition Recipes
On Pocket Edition, you will find that you won’t need as many recipes, as more knowledge of which items are required to craft something through either a) crafting table or b) your hand-held inventory.

Here are 5 Crafting Recipes only on Pocket Edition!

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Crafting Recipes

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