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Crafting Recipes

Weapons: Crafting Recipes

Weapons: Crafting Recipes

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Here is a great list of weapons you can craft on Minecraft: Java Edition or Minecraft: Pocket Edition. With a crafting table, you can have any weapon the game offers. Get yourself a bow and some arrows and have some target practice. Protect yourself from the viscous mobs that spawn at night. Collect some food (if you are running out of health).


1 x Flint + 1 x Stick +1 x Feather = Arrow’s


Ingredients: 3 x String and 3 x Sticks = Bow

Patterned Shield

Ingredients: 1 x Shield and 1 x Banner


Ingredients: 6 x Planks and 1 iron ingot

Spectral Arrow

Ingredients: 4 Spectral Dust and 1 Arrow


Ingredients: 2 x Planks or Cobblestone or Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or Diamonds and 1 x Stick

Tipped Arrow

Ingredients: Any Lingering Potion + Arrow

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