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Here is a list of potions and other potion-related items you can craft on Minecraft. Potions are one of the most helpful, underrated items in the game. With the ability to go invisible or jump higher than the sky, you can defeat and mob or boss that you come across. Use each potion wisely and you could even take down the elusive Ender Dragon.

Blaze Powder

Ingredients: Blaze Rod

Brewing Stand

Ingredients: Blaze Rod + Cobblestone


Ingredients: Iron Ingots

Enchantment Table

Ingredients: Book + Diamonds + Obsidian

Fermented Spider Eye

Ingredients: Spider Eye + Brown Mushroom + Sugar

Glass Bottle

Ingredients: Glass

Glistering Melon

Ingredients: Melon Slice + Gold Nuggets

Gold Nugget

Ingredients: Gold Ingot

Magma Cream

Ingredients: Slimeball + Blaze Powder

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