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Crafting Recipes

Food – Crafting Recipes

Food – Crafting Recipes

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You can cook so many different things in Minecraft and when you are playing on Survival mode or if you’re on a Survival server (playing mini-games) you’re going to want to be able to get food for yourself. This will be incredibly easy once you realize how easy it is to craft food and cook or just simply eat it!

We’ll start with the basics for food. These food items don’t require any cooking so they are an easy food if you get the right resources.


Food Icon Hunger Restored & Effects Obtaining
Crafting: 1 Wheat + 2 Cocoa Beans
Raw Beef
Killing Cows
Cooked Beef
Cooking Raw Beef in a Furnace or when a Cow burns to death
Raw Porkchop
Killing Pigs
Cooked Porkchop
Cooking Raw Porkchops in Furnace or when a Pig burns to death
Raw Chicken

Hunger (30%)
Killing Chickens
Cooked Chicken
Cooking Raw Chicken in Furnace or when a Chicken burns to death
Dropping from Oak Leaves, Dark Oak Leaves, Dungeons, Strongholds, or Blacksmith’s Chests
Breaking Potato crops, killing Zombies
Baked Potato
Cooking Potato in Furnace
Breaking Carrot crops or Killing Zombies
One Slice:
Whole Cake: 
Crafting: 2 Sugar + 1 Eggs + 3 Milk Buckets + 3 Wheat
Raw Fish
Raw Salmon

Hunger III
Poison IV
Nausea II
Cooked Fish
Cooking Raw Fish in Furnace
Cooked Salmon
Cooking Raw Salmon in Furnace
Raw Rabbit
Killing Rabbits
Cooked Rabbit
Cooking Raw Rabbit in Furnace or when a Rabbit burns to death
Breaking Beetroot Crops
Beetroot Soup
Crafting: 1 Bowl + 6 Beetroots
Mushroom Stew
Crafting: 1 Bowl + 1 Red Mushroom + 1 Brown Mushroom. Milking a Mooshroom with Bowl
Rabbit Stew
Crafting: 1 Bowl + 1 Cooked Rabbit + 1 Carrot + 1 Baked Potato + 1 Mushroom
Melon Slice
Breaking Melon Blocks
Found in Abandoned Mineshafts
Pumpkin Pie
Crafting: 1 Sugar + 1 Pumpkin + 1 Egg
Golden Apple

Regeneration II
Absorption II
Crafting: 1 Apple + 8 Gold Ingots. Looting Chests
Enchanted Apple

Regeneration V
Absorption II
Fire Resistance I
Crafting: 1 Apple + 8 Blocks of Gold
Spider Eye

Poison II
Killing Spiders
Golden Carrot
Crafting: 1 Carrot + 8 Golden Nuggets
Rotten Flesh

Hunger (80%)
Killing Zombies, Killing Zombie Pigmen, Killing Husks, or Desert Temple Chests
Poisonous Potato
Poison II (30%) Breaking Potato crops
Raw Mutton
Killing Sheep
Cooked Mutton
Cooking Raw Mutton in Furnace or when a Sheep burns to death
Crafting using 3 Wheat
Chorus Fruit
Breaking a Chorus Plant in The End’s outer islands.
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