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Crafting Recipes

Basic Crafting Recipes

Basic Crafting Recipes

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Here is a list of basic items you can craft on Minecraft. These items grow with each Minecraft update. The latest update hasn’t added any new recipes so you will see the current basic recipes below.

Name Input > Output Ingredients
Chest chest-crafting Wood Planks
Crafting Table Crafting Table Wooden Plank
Furnace Furnace Cobblestone
Sticks Sticks Planks
Torches Torches Stick + Coal
Wood Planks Wood Planks Wood Log


All you need to do for a plank is chop down a log from a tree and open your inventory. Then place the wood block into one of the 4 slots at the top right. Now you will have planks!


To make a stick all you need is planks! Place 2 planks on top of each other in your crafting menu and you will have made sticks. 2 planks will make 4 sticks.


To make a Torch, all you need is to find Coal and mine it, or you can even create a furnace using cobblestone and place 2 different logs or planks inside both slots. It will make charcoal! This works the same as regular coal. To craft the torch just have 1 coal and 1 plank in your crafting table or in your inventory crafting table.


Making a Furnace is super easy. First you will need a Crafting Table and 8 cobblestone blocks. Then present the blocks in a circle and you will have crafted a Furnace. Furnaces are required for turning raw food into cooked food, for turning ore into ingots, and for turning wood into coal.

Crafting Table

Crafting Tables are a necessity in Minecraft and that is because it allows you to craft all items in the game. Without a crafting table you wouldn’t be able to craft anything. To make one takes 8¬†planks.

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